Hair Jewlery & Matching Sets

The second half of the fourth I spent at a friends for a BBQ followed by some fireworks. It was hot out so I wanted to wear my hair in a way I didn’t have to worry about. I put in some of my bellami clip-in extensions for volume and did a fish tail braid, this is the only braid I know how to do besides a basic braid.. I’m telling you it’s easier than it looks! I had seen some festival looks with hair jewelry so I purchased hair hoops on amazon and scattered them throughout the braid. Of course when my sister saw me she was like what the hell is in your hair, but not everyone is going to get certain trends 🤣 I got my adorable 2 piece from lulus Top/Bottom for under $50. It was a comfortable material and I live for anything off the shoulder right now. Matching sets have become one of my favorite things, they’re just so easy! Oh and can’t forget this marble bullet necklace that my boyfriend got me.. I’m in love, it goes with so many different things.. you have to check out Elle Louise her pieces are amazing😍

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