Shopoholic Hack

If you’re like me and have a ton of clothes it’s hard to determine what you actually wear and where everything is. One of my clients who is also a shopoholic taught me a trick. She said to turn all your hangers forward and after you wear something you turn it the right way. After a season you can tell what you never touched.. makes it easier to get rid of clothes you aren’t really wearing. I also try to put new things together this way I know where the clothes with the tags still on are. Sometimes I have a mental bond with some outfits and don’t want to part with them but if I haven’t worn them in a few years it’s time to let go! You can also put the items on an app called Poshmark. People buy and sell clothes that are either lightly worn or brand new. This dress I wore today somehow got lost in all my black clothes (hairdresser problems) i had it in my closet for a year.. no exaggeration. To my surprise it’s still on lulus site for $48 Shop here I’m in love with the lace detail on the neck, which is why I bought it in the first place! 

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