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Seems like everything is available online right at our finger tips. Ive noticed more and more that retail stores are suffering and even going out of business because people are purchasing everything online. Online shopping has its pros and cons. One con is you don’t get to try/feel/see the product right on the spot.. so you never know how it will fit or look. The pro is the wide selection of products available online. I probably do half my shopping online and half in store. If I’m familiar with a company and how the clothes fit I won’t hesitate to order. If I’m ordering from a new company I’ll just order 1 or 2 items so I get an idea of their sizing. Another pro to online shopping is coupon codes and promotions. I will use sites like retailmenot or sign up for mailing lists.. a company will usually send you promotions via email ..which in turn will make you want to order online. However another con is having to wait for the product, unless quick shipping is available (it will usually cost you extra) I always judge a company by their return policiy, some offer free returns with no hassle & others offer only online credit and you have to pay to send it back. For me it’s all about convenience. 

Some sites I’ll review

online – fast shipping, you can return your online order in store for credit or send back for a full refund. certain brands are online return only

– have different shipping methods. standard shipping takes about a 7-10 days. Great costumer service if anything is not up to par. Easy returns, they will email a return label. The more you shop the more they send discount codes.

Fashion Nova
– quick shipping when you spend over $75 ..except when order volume is high then it takes forever!!! (They claimed to have solved this problem though) Costumer service is ehh. I’ve placed an order to find out a product I ordered wasn’t in stock anymore and they just send you a store credit instead of refunding you for it? (So stupid) And as far as returns you’re responsible for the price of the return and they only offer an online credit. if it didn’t like the jeans so much I probably wouldn’t bother with this company.

Nasty Gal
– shipping took about a week coming from the U.K. Sizing was confusing since it’s different so I ended up having to return a dress. They provide you with the label but you have to pay for shipping back. I still haven’t received credit weeks later yet.

– pretty fast shipping. They only offer online credit for returns. Cute clothes but things sell out very quickly

– fast shipping & they offer to send your order to a dsw store for pickup for free. Good costumer service if anything goes wrong. 

– free 2 day shipping for VIB members, free samples and usually always a coupon code for freebies on retail me not. Spend and earn points to use toward deluxe samples. They accept ALL returns.. even opened products if you aren’t satisfied 

Amazon– you can find almost anything imaginable. You deal with all different companies.. I stick with reading reviews on products first. Prime members get 2 day shipping. Delivery varies from seller to seller. 

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