While off-the-shoulder everything is the biggest trend of the summer.. is it really practical? For the most part the answer is! I avoid wearing off-the-shoulder at work because being a hairdresser I’m  constantly lifting my arms to do hair. Let’s just say there is little to no range of motion when you have on a tight off-the-shoulder top. Last Easter I wore a long sleeve off-the-shoulder shirt and tried to host at the same time .. BIG mistake.. my boyfriend eventually got mad at me because I kept asking him to reach & lift things for me, i was helpless! 🤣 I eventually took my arms out of the sleeves to get stuff done💁🏼  However, looser or detached sleeves make this trend wearable in all circumstances. Just make sure when you’re trying on an off-the-shoulder shirt you do the arm lift test ..unless you plan on keeping your arms down the whole day.

Despite not being able to move in it.. I still love this shirt from Easter 😍 I purchased it on

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