New Year, More Style

Seems like the years keep going by faster & faster. This one especially felt like it went at lightening speed. 2017 was a fun year. This summer is when I finally decided to put my shopping addiction to use and create this blog. I’ll admit it’s not as easy as I thought and I’ve been so busy with everyday life & my job that I don’t have time to put 100% into it.. but for me it’s just something for fun to do on the side. I hope in 2018 to be more inspired and come up with more content.. & Hopefully my boyfriend won’t leave me for all the pictures I make him take 🤣🤣

Another big event this year was being a part of my brothers wedding. It was the highlight of my summer, I wish I could relive it again. It was so nice to be with my whole family in Montauk for the weekend & I’m so happy for my brother and his wife. 2017 was definitely filled with a lot of positive events that outweigh any little negative obstacles this year. I’m looking forward to a fresh start in 2018. Even though I started this year getting a horrible sinus infection that I’m still recovering from😩 Already in the next few weeks I’m going to The Killers concert with my boyfriend and then to Las Vegas for a few nights so at least my sickness was in good timing!

Anyways let’s talk New Years outfits.. because that’s what I’m here for..

I had to work NYE so I decided to be a little festive and wear a sequin top Shop Here I got the inspo to wear a sheer bodysuit under it from the picture online since it’s been extremely cold here in NY there was no way I was wearing just a tank top 🤣 The full-on Glam came out for the night. I just went to dinner with a few close friends but since I don’t get out much in the winter I like to go all out on makeup and outfits when I do. I purchased this velvet blazer dress from Missguided Shop Here I loved the color of it and the gold button details. I actually had my tailor add a button inside to keep it closed because it was way too open to move around in originally. My gorgeous earrings are from asos Shop Here They have a lot of unique accessories. I decided to add a pop of blue to my eyes to go with the dress. I’ve been wanting the Anastasia Prism Palette Shop Here for a while since I love the Modern Renaissance Palette so much. It did not disappoint although the blue wasn’t as pigmented as I wanted.. So I used a blue shadow from sigma beauty on top that I received as a sample (can’t find it on the site) And of course topped off the look with Lilly Lashes in “Miami” Shop Here Like I’ve said before these are full drama high quality Lashes.. I wish I had more of an eyelid but I was cursed with hooded eyes, so you can’t see my eye shadow unless my eyes are closed 😒🤷🏼‍♀️

Anyways.. I hope everyone had an awesome start to the new year ✨🍾

Each year we get is another year to be a better version of ourselves 💙

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