Hair Color History

Once in a while I get a little bored of being blonde. Being a professional hairdresser I’ve done a lottttt to my hair over the years. The last 3 years I’ve been on my journey back to blonde, healthy hair. Now when I’m bored I opt for a temporary color change which is so easy to achieve now that they have pigmented shampoos, temporary sprays & pastel tones. For some of these temporary tones your hair should be prelightened/blonde for it to show. I usually go for a pink tone because I know the wash out won’t fade funny and I will eventually fade back to my original blonde. This time I used Joico intensities in “Rose” mixed with Viral “Rose gold” conditioner and regular condition to dilute (I was going for a very soft blush pink tone)

If you’ve ever searched vibrant colors on Pinterest you’ve probably saw all my crazy hair colors.. if not this was my hair journey starting from 2014 I was literally every color of the rainbow except for red. Just remember any major color changes take a while if you wanna go back to blonde/your natural color depending on the products used and how many layers of colors are applied. I had to be super patient and have weird colors inbetween going back to blonde.

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