Being a bride during COVID-19

Most women have fantasized about this day from a young age. You envision what the day will look like, you imagined marrying the love of your life in the presence of everyone you love. Well what happens when your perfect fairytale day starts to turn into an imperfect, unpredictable nightmare? That is what many of us 2020 brides are facing. Some being forced to cancel or postpone, some holding on hope that they can keep their original date with everything being in the phase of “what if”

I myself am a fall 2020 bride and I’m still on the “what if” side of things. I have days of being positive it will happen then I have days of wanting to cancel the whole thing & just have a small ceremony with my fiancé. I’ve spent the last year and a half planning for this day down the the little details & it seems like it’s crumbling in my hands. While most brides get to enjoy the events leading up to the day like the bridal shower & the bachelorette some of us are all just hoping to have a wedding. I opted for a smaller scale wedding to begin with but what if that scale needs to be even smaller? There are so many questions no one can answer.

For many rescheduling seems like their best option but for me (turning 31 the end of this month) I don’t really want to do that. Not saying I’m old but I would like to move on with life and not worry about a wedding for another year. I know what is going on in this world is horrible and so out of our control but I can’t help to feel for all the brides. Most people don’t get it, even those already married because they had their day happen, without dealing with any of these obstacles. This is something we never imagined we’d have to face leading up to our wedding day.

I try to stay positive and just think that at the end of the day you will marry your other half and that’s really what it’s all about. Whether it’s the way you envisioned or a little different. Keeping up hope for the rest of my 2020 brides, were in this together. 💙

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